Top 5 Feng Shui Kitchen Decor Tips

Design of a kitchen sometimes need to follow feng shui and have amaizing look. In fact, the kitchen is one of three elements of feng shui trinity including bedrooms and bathrooms. Location, design and feng shui basics help homeowners get a healthy and prosperous life.

1. Kitchen set in northwest direction:

If your kitchen is heading to the northwest, It means feng shui kitchen design has been wrong since the beginning. In principle, the feng shui design direction should be East and Southeast. These two directions symbolize the element Earth of the Five Elements. While kitchen feng shui often represents two elements, Fire and Water. When the three elements of Earth, Water, and Fire mix with together, they will create a mutual life, which helps bring the fortune to the owner.

  1. Location of the kitchen:

Feng shui kitchen is best to place near the back door of the house. The kitchen design will not be often located near the front door of the house. In addition, the large and beautiful kitchen should not be placed in the middle of the house. Following good feng shui kitchen, small kitchen design and no central setting will bring stability in life.

  1. Kitchen space:

Best feng shui kitchen should not be designed too open. This will make every fortune and good luck in the house to be swept out. The atmosphere in the kitchens too little will make the air bad for feng shui.

  1. Location of sink, refrigerator and stove:

When using the sink, It is easy to splash water into the stove nearby. Considering the feng shui kitchen design element, the faucet (or refrigerator) and the stove represent two elements: Water and Fire. These two elements placed side by side will cause conflict. Feng shui sink should not be placed opposite to the stove because It will cause discord in the family.
In order to avoid this in case there is no other ways, homeowners should place a flower pot between the sink (or refrigerator) and the stove to help balance.

  1. Washing machine and kitchen:

Regarding kitchen feng shui, washing machine symbolizes Water element. When placed in the house, it will cause conflict with the fire element of the stove. And also, It makes the kitchen wet and difficult to ventilate.

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