Higher Return On Investment For Riverside Apartments In HCMC


Riverside apartments price in HCMC is often 20-30% higher than others due to attractive profit margin. Apartments with river view also cost 10 – 15% higher than other view directions in the same project. And always have higher liquidity. Many customers in HCMC are willing to pay an additional VND 100-300 million to own good feng shui riverside apartments.

While normal apartments have been completed with a higher secondary price of 150-200 million VND compared to the primary period. The apartment with direct river view is up to 300-500 million VND. In term of villas and town houses, there is a higher price of 10-20% in residential projects with river view compared to the others. And the broader view to the river, the higher the unit price.

In District 2 HCMC, riverside apartments near have secondary selling prices ranging from 70 to 90 million VND / m2. The river view apartments even cost up to 95 – 120 million / m2. Some river view apartment projects such as Diamond Island – Diamond Island, Palm Garden, The Infinity currently have high price. It has increased by nearly 30% compared to the primary period but still sold out.

In the eyes of most investors, riverside apartments often have good feng shui. And also the location produces higher profit margins, so investors can easily decide to invest in. In the South of Ho Chi Minh City, sales of a series of riverside or river view projects are quite well. It reaches about 80% of consumption. According to brokers, customers are always waiting in line to make a deposit for river view apartments projects.

According to experts, the majority of customers prefer to live in fresh atmosphere area but are still adjacent to the center. Therefore, the projects that are located along the river and close to city center are always highly attractive to both real estate buyers and investors.

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